NASCAR Calming the Chaos 8/12/18 – Michigan

nillyJay’s MLB Cash Academy for Fanduel and Draftkings DFS 8/13/18

Schnarr’s Super Picks PGA DFS Preview – The Wyndham Championship

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nillyJay’s MLB Cash Academy for Fanduel and Draftkings DFS 8/13/18


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NASCAR Calming the Chaos 8/12/18 – Michigan

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Schnarr’s Super Picks PGA DFS Preview – The Wyndham Championship

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DFS Army Wall of Fame

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8/6/18: Congratulations once again to DFS Army VIP Member bv6211 (dradt8386 in chat) on yet another huge win. Today he took down 1st place for $100,000 in the $350k Mon MLB Colossus on FanDuel. That’s $200,000 won by him in 2 days and $300,000 in the last 3 months.


8/4/18: Congratulations to DFS Army VIP member bv6211 (dradt8386 in chat) on taking down 1st place for $100,000 in the $200k Sat MLB Gladiator on FanDuel. He has won about $200,000 in the last 3 months!


8/2/18: Congratulations to DFS Army VIP member bv6211 on another big win. Today h-e took down $10,000 and 1st place in the $20k MLB Monster on DraftKings. This is his 4th huge win in about 3 months time totaling over $90,000!


8/1/18: Congratulations to DFS Army Member j1samps on this 3rd place finish in the MLB $200k Extra Inning on DraftKings! He won $10,000 with this big finish!


7/29/18: Congratulations to DFS Army Member oysterdood on taking down 1st place in the PGA $375k Pressure Putt on DraftKings winning $100,000!


7/27/18: Congratulations to DFS Army Member bigpapi99 (easyrawlins in Slack Chat) on taking down 2nd place for $10,000 in the $80k Fri MLB Grand Slam on FanDuel!


7/27/18: Congratulations to DFS Army VIP Member Garfield19 on this huge 2nd place finish for $20,000 in the $200K Fri MLB RIDICULOUS Rally on FanDuel tonight!


7/23/18: Congratulations to DFS Army Member bv6211 (Dradt8386 in Slack Chat) on taking down 1st place for $50,000 in the $200k Mon MLB Grand Slam on FanDuel tonight! This is his second big win in a month (check out his $20,000 win on 6/6/18 below).


7/7/18: Congratulations to DFS Army VIP Member Hall-D (DuhRambler in Slack Chat) on taking down 1st Place for $100,000 in the NAS $300k Firecracker in Nascar on DraftKings! He took down this very same contest last year winning $50,000!


6/9/18: Congrats to DFS Army Staff Member Fighton2016 on taking down part of 1st place for $11,000 in the MMA $135k Uppercut on DraftKings last night!


6/6/18: Congrats to DFS Army VIP Member bv6211 (dradt8386 in Slack) on this $20,000 1st place finish in the $100k Wed MLB Grand Slam on FanDuel last night! He said he used the articles and MLB Research Station to hand craft this winning lineup!


6/3/18: Congrats to DFS Army VIP member enok321 on taking down 1st place for $10,000 in the MLB $50K Sunday Night Showdown on Draftkings! He said “Thank you for all of the data and tools you provide!”

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Even though we have many different types of players with opposite DFS philosophies, we use an individual approach to each team member, since they all are valuable contributors to our outstanding DFS Army. It does not matter what strategy you follow – we’ll help you improve and enhance it in the best way possible. We’ll ensure you with efficient DFS fantasy lineups, considering both: your personal approach as well as the particular sport you choose.

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AKA The Geek

Commander In Chief of the DFS Army. Top 100 Ranked NFL Grinder and currently the #56 overall Welterweight player according to Rotogrinders rankings. With over $250,000 in lifetime winnings and a 61% head to head win rate in NFL on Fanduel and Draftkings I share the strategies I use to dominate at Daily Fantasy Football with our membership.

DFS Expert BoomersDaddy



Keith is known for two primary things, a spectacular beard and kicking some DFS ass. He makes his full time living playing DFS specializing in NBA and MLB. He was the 2015 FanDuel WFBBC NBA 4th place finisher. Keith is part of the DFS Army NBA and MLB team putting together the NBA and MLB Cheat Sheets for the DFS Army. Host of the DFS Army Daily Dispatch, and co-host with Al Walsh on the DFS Army Show. The Yin to Choppodong's Yang by helping DFS players think in the minds of Capitalizing off of Chaos!

DFS Expert ChoppoDong


Chalk Eater

ChoppoDong started following Kevin's blog in 2013 for DFS NFL tips and joined VIP for the 2015 season. A classic cash game expert he is known as a proud chalk eater and is all about identifying the chalkiest plays of the slate. Within the DFS Army team he is focused on teaching the strategy of DFS lineup construction and well known for his overthought, long-winded, in-depth, and thought-provoking posts always aimed at helping players get better in new ways. He is clearly our research freak and a 5-star general in that area of our community. Chop's bankroll management ladder strategy is a huge part of why our players have been so profitable.

DFS Expert Al Walsh

Al Walsh


For the DFS Army, Al writes articles and hosts MLB and NBA podcasts with Keith Hall multiple times throughout the week. He has a bachelor's degree in Journalism from New Jersey City University and is a former NBA Writer at RotoWire.

DFS Expert Taco



I make cheat sheets and write articles for PGA and NASCAR.

DFS Expert PVAaron



Aaron writes player selection for esports including League of Legend and Counter Strike GO. During the NFL season he also puts out a weekly kicker selection to help nail that perfect kicker to take your lineup over the edge. While PVAaron is no Geek when it comes to football, he knows his gaming pros and shares that knowledge. Besides when it comes to computer games you don't want a Geek, you want a Nerd!

DFS Expert da6292


For the DFS Army David writes the Free Squares column for both MLB/NBA. He has been playing DFS for over 5 years in a wide variety of sports. He takes an analytical approach to breaking down games and finding value players. He combines his love of sports and numbers to help players out here with his Free Square Articles.

DFS Expert BradyMillerDFS


With the introduction of NASCAR DFS in the summer of 2015, Brady was able to turn his passion into his vocation. A lifelong NASCAR fan, Brady employees a unique blend of predictive analytics and historical statistics to help the DFS Army position themselves for profit on a weekly basis with “The Sway Bar” and “The Competition Caution”, as well as a weekly podcast with Taco. Miller also carries a Bachelors degree in Technology Management and Marketing and in his spare time enjoys jiu jitsu, golfing and racing.

DFS Expert BrodySchnarr


Brody writes a weekly PGA article breaking down the course for the week in the hopes of finding some specialists. Like many DFS players Brody transitioned from poker to Daily Fantasy and has found success in PGA. Due to being on a student budget Brody mainly focuses on cash games and double-ups. He is currently working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Economics. When Brody isn’t playing DFS he’s usually watching the Toronto Maple Leafs or re-watching the greatest TV show of all time (The Office).

DFS Expert treyj989


After playing in season long leagues for half his life, TreyJ989 was looking for a new challenge. Enter DFS! After NFL, he was drawn to the niche sports. Now, he writes the “Kickin it on the Pitch” weekly soccer article. He has been watching the Barclays Premier League since 2007, so it was time to put that time to good use. If you can't find him roaming the slack channels, you will probably find him on the volleyball court. He is also a semi-professional volleyball player.



DFSnDonuts has played year round DFS for three seasons. He is currently ranked in the top 100 on RotoGrinders for the flyweight division. At any point in time you'll find him surrounded by donuts and immersed in numbers and DFS data. You can follow him on Twitter @dfsndonuts

DFS Expert Adam Wagner

Adam Wagner

Wags is a producer and hosts his own show The Wagner Wire, in ATX. He joined our ranks this year and is known for TWW's $10,000 rake on DK in 2015, and extensive knowledge in season long fantasy football. Wags will join the NFL crew as well as kick it with you for EPL. Wags served 11 years with the US Marines in the infantry and has a Bachelors Degree in Political Science, from the University of Texas at Austin. Follow Wags on Twitter @NotTheFakeWags