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DFS Army Free Month Offer
Would you like to try out a VIP DFS Army Subscription for free?

If you have been thinking of joining the DFS Army team but aren’t quite sure – this is your chance to get either a month of free month of VIP All Sports DFS & Props membership or two free months of props only membership. Please specify if you want the 1 month of VIP or 2 months of Props membership when you email the required info below or we will assume you want the 1 month of VIP access. Just sign up for a new, first-time account with one of the sites below AND make your initial deposit (for sites 1-5) of $20 or more to qualify.

NOTE: Existing accounts and second accounts on the sites below do not qualify.

To qualify for this offer complete the following steps:

  1. Signup for a new, first-time account from one of the following sites from these links.
    1. PrizePicks – Code DFSARMY
    2. Sleeper – Code DFSARMY
    3. Owners Box – Code ARMY
    4. Underdog Fantasy – Code DFSARMY
    5. PointsBet (This Offer is Only for IA & NJ) – Code DFSARMY
    6. RotoBaller – Sign up for their “yearly season-long fantasy sports packages” using code ARMY from this link!
  2. Make a deposit of at least $20 (For sites 1-5)
  3. Forward your welcome email from the site you signed up for above to [email protected] and let us know your username on the site you signed up for.
  4. Forward the deposit confirmation email (or a screenshot showing deposit) to [email protected] (For sites 1-5)
  5. We will then send you signup instructions for the free month of DFS Army VIP All Sports DFS & Props Membership (or 2 free months of Props Only Membership, you must specify if you want this membership)!

Every one of these links includes the latest and best promotional offers from the sites listed. Most have a deposit match rake back offer and/or some number of free entries to various contests for new depositors. I’m not detailing them above because they change often. Just know they are juiced up with the best current promotions. We also give all of our new members links to download two Daily Fantasy Football full-length strategy books which you will have access to as well.

**Remember these must be NEW, first-time depositing accounts via the above links. Existing accounts (and duplicate/2nd accounts) are not eligible for the free month and making a duplicate account will likely get you banned from the site you sign up for. Once you have completed the signup for one of these sites from the link above and made your first deposit, shoot an email to [email protected] letting us know what site you signed up for!

In order to qualify for the free month of DFS Army Membership (New DFS Army Members Only) you simply click through one of the links above and set up a new depositing account on that site. Then email us at [email protected] with the site you registered for and the username you chose. We will get back to you with a code for a free month of DFS Army VIP membership for each new site signup. It’s that simple.

DFS Army VIP Membership

My first suggestion is to take advantage of one or more of the free month offers above. I’d rather you put some cash in your bankroll rather than giving it to us up front. If you already have existing DFS accounts or just don’t want to add any new ones – simply go to DFS Army VIP Membership Registration and get signed up today! Remember that our VIP memberships include coverage for all sports!

Register For DFS Army VIP Membership