eSports Staff

Taco – Head PGA/Nascar/eSports analyst. Taco has been following these sports since he was a wee lad and has been breaking them down statistically ever since DraftKings started covering them. Formerly in charge of the weekly analysis threads for both sports on Reddit, Taco was recruited by the DFS Army in early 2016 and never looked back. He’s in charge of the Research Station and Domination Station for all three sports (and MMA) and hosts two weekly podcasts- The Taco Tuesday PGA DFS Podcast and Taco’s Fast 40 Nascar Podcast. You can find him on Twitter at @TacoDFS

AdvantageDFS – Advantage is a recent addition to the DFS Army team as the cheat sheet writer and notes provider for everything League of Legends related. As an avid fan and player of the game for over 10 years, Advantage has developed a deep knowledge and love for the esports and DFS side of League of Legends. Now that Esports is one of the top sports available for DFS, Advantage is excited to finally get to see League of Legends in the spotlight and provide knowledge and insight to everyone interested. Whether you are new to esports or not, you can always reach out to Advantage in #esports-lol in Slack or on Twitter @lolAdvantageDFS.

Aaron or PVAaron started with the DFS Army shortly after the VIP program was put into place.  He started to write kicker cheat sheets to help mid-way through the season and the next year turned his love for CSGO and DFS into a focus. Starting to write player picks for CSGO and LOL on AlphaDraft before it closed up shop, Aaron has long pushed the fun for DFS when combined with esports.  Now covering CSGO for DFSArmy once again, Aaron is excited to share two of his biggest loves. A game he has played for over 20 years and DFS.  You can find Aaron in #esports-csgo or on Twitter @dfsarmy.pvaaron