Welcome to the DFS Army!! As a new member, I’m sure you are wondering where to start. Below, you will find links to our most frequently asked questions as you acclimate yourself with our site. We recommend watching all that interests you as well as looking at the Staff Profiles to see which coach might match up with your style best. All our coaches have their rooms in our Slack Forums, and all are very responsive to direct questions. Our goal is to deliver more to you than you expect.

You will also find extensive videos on Bankroll Management, the number one leak in any DFS player’s game. Want to learn how to maximize the industry’s leading optimizer? We have tutorials for basic play and also importing bulk lineups if you play the multi-entry tourneys. The Research Station tutorial is a must watch to understand the numbers, filters, and stats you will be leaning heavily on. Lineups, Weather, and deep-diving strategy are all at your fingertips now.

Sometimes answering questions leads to more questions. Head out into Slack and interact with our members and coaches. You will truly find an atmosphere of positivity and communal dedication to improving your game. Welcome to the team!!

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Pro Tip: Watch/Listen to these Bankroll Management Podcasts/Videos before you do anything else!

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