Slack Chat Welcome Page and Rules

This is where we talk DFS. When it comes to daily fantasy sports no topic is off limits. From strategy to lineup construction to player picks. We try to operate as a team and share information as much as possible. Please take some time to explore the various channels we have put together.  To see a list of the channels in slack just hit the # key and it should pop up. Join whatever channels you are interested in. We have various DFS Pros heading up all of the rooms. In addition, we encourage our team members to contribute as much as possible.  If you have any questions you can message any of our mods directly using the @ symbol in front of their names. Head on over to the #dfs-army-avatars and grab a custom DFS Army avatar to use on Draftkings, Fanduel, and other sites. We have some cool NFL, MLB, and regular ones. Anyone that takes down a prize of $2000 or more in a GPP contest can send us the screenshot featuring their DFS Army Avatar. If they make it on to the wall of big cashes they get a DFS Army T-Shirt or swag item of their choice!!


DFS Army Slack Chat Rules

 The DFS Army VIP Slack Forums are a team environment. We all help each other out and root each other on for DFS purposes.  We are all adults here so the chat rules are simple.

1) Purposefully posting false player updates will result in banishment. Always include a link with player updates.

2a) Anyone caught attempting to sell members lineups or sell advice or recruit for another site or anything like this will be banned.

2b) No posting of referral links of any kind.

3) No offensive language should be used. (you can swear, say fuck, shit, bitch, mother fucker, cunt, etc) but nothing that would be deemed offensive. 

4) No personal attacks or insults.

5) If a channel is called only x posts here (i.e. #only-kevin-posts-here ) or x news and notes (i.e. #nba-news-and-notes) then don’t post anything there! If you do post in these rooms your post will be deleted to keep the room uncluttered.

6) Please ask your questions in the proper public channel. Your question being answered should benefit the whole group. This also reduces the time it takes for the Coaches having to answer the same question over and over in a direct message.

7) Lineup sellers/providers are not welcome in this group. If we find out that your account is associated with a lineup seller/provider we will ban you and no refunds will be given.

8) Never under any circumstances post protected or premium content from another site in Slack Chat.

9) Any pictures, jpgs, screenshots, comments, etc. posted in Slack Chat become the property of DFS Army.

10) Do not ask other members/staff for lineups. This is not a lineup selling site and other members don’t want to be hit up repeatedly for their lineups. If you need help getting started building your own lineups ask a Staff Member.

11a) This isn’t a bank or a charity. Asking others on this site to borrow money or have money given to them is against the rules. Don’t do this. If anyone asks to borrow money, screenshot it and send it to a Staff member. This is grounds for removal from the group.

11b) No posting of any gofund me links, links to contests that you might be in, or anything like that.

12) No discussion of politics or religion or anything like that. These conversations get personal and heated and this isn’t the place for that.