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About DFS Army's “Beat the Bookie”

At DFS Army “Beat the Bookie”, we have taken a data driven approach we use for DFS and applied it to our handicapping models. Don't expect a bunch of touts names like Vegas Jim and Uncle Vinny touting their "fire picks" or “guaranteed locks”. Instead, we take an analytical and conservative approach to sports handicapping, through data modeling as well as coaching and advice from seasoned bettors. Our service will provide you the handicapping models that our experts use in their own betting as well as video tutorials on how we use the models and what to look for to help you be able to locate the best plays of the day. On top of that, we have strategy articles anywhere from the absolute bare bone basics to the most advanced analysis so that anyone, whether you are someone who has never bet before to a seasoned professional, can grow as a bettor. Lastly, our experts live and breathe betting and love helping people. Therefore, we have a one of a kind slack channel where our experts spend hours each day interacting with members, talking strategy, and giving advice to members on a one-on-one or group basis.

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Expert Strategy and Advice

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Bankroll Management

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Sports Betting Team

Our DFSArmy's "Beat the Bookie" Experts



Anthony P has long been a private DFS and Sports handicapper for over 10 years and just recently decided to join the DFS Army as a coach and contributor. His selections are based on a sophisticated betting model for the NHL and MLB. While being a value and contrarian fanatic who thrives finding the best possible plays combined with his disciplined bankroll management you can trust to win and grow your bankroll.


FightOn2016 currently works for an investing team that invests quantitatively in small cap companies following economic insights leaders in economics such as Fama and French. He has taken these approaches and applied them to sports betting by finding and modeling data in extremely inefficient sports to gain an outstanding return for you.


Loosmeister has been involved in Sports Betting for over 13 years now. It all started when he binked 2 online poker tournaments at the ripe age of 20 totaling over 40k in winnings. Since then he has taken an analytical approach to sports betting along with the countless hours he spends researching and watching the game. He has worked for various sports handicapping services with the most well-known one being Doc's Sports. Loosmeister's expertise is in NFL, NBA, and MLB. He is here to take gambling from being a hobby to making it an investment. Time to grow your portfolio.

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