NFL DFS Research Station and Optimizer Set to Dominate 2018!

Take the tours!  When it comes to DFS NFL, no one has a better leg up on the competition than your friends at DFS Army.  We combine the magic elixir of content, tools, and coaching to make you the best daily fantasy player you can be no matter the sport.  We have them all covered!  From MMA to PGA, from NFL to EPL, we are approaching global domination as seen by all our screenshots of winners wearing the army helmets in your contests……




Don’t take my word for it……….read a few of our members’ comments, and visit our Wall of Wins.

We have winners of all sizes.  From the micro-roller to the whale.  And, our 20+ coaches, 40+ staff, and 1500+ members are in our VIP-only slack chat rooms talking DFS 24/7/365.  Take a look below at your 2018 NFL Research Station!

2018 NFL DFS Research Station Tour

As you can see, we have assembled all the important stats for you in one place.  No more looking at 100 different sites and paying 100 different subscription fees.  True one-stop-shopping exists at DFS Army and we throw in the coaching to teach you how to use it all.

Now that you’ve seen the tool, transfer those notes and targets over to our Domination Station Optimizer to build upwards of 150 lineups in mere minutes for you MME (Mass-Multi Entry) fans, or really spend time crunching numbers to whittle down your player pool to 3-5 tightly focused lineups hitting ony the best of the best matchups.  The freedom and flexibility is under your control….after you learn how.

Domination Station Optimizer DFS NFL 2018 Tutorial

Now that you have the basics of NFL, take a look at our content plans…………

We have about 12 contributors on staff covering article concepts from slate breakdowns, chalk and pivot plays, and correlation stacking, to reverse engineering contest winners, shorter slate coverage, MME coverage, and Tiers coverage.  Don’t forget our podcast page where The Bold Call airs weekly in public and VIP-only formats with rotating guests and deep hitting final thoughts before Sunday slate locks.

We are already up and moving with Preseason NFL Content, and we’ve also released our College Football coverage in anticipation of an explosion of interest now that DraftKings has re-offered slates following a long hiatus.  College is BACK!!

What Are You Waiting For?

At DFS Army, we have assembled the best team possible to turn our ordinary Joes into DFS Pros.  We have pricing for any budget.  However, gaining access to our coaching and Slack Chat is a ridiculous value for only $10/mo more.  We won’t stop until our mission of world domination is accomplished.  Enlist yourself and become part of the community where we share all our knowledge and strategy freely, and where we dedicate our staff to helping you become the best player you can be from the moment you join.  We can’t wait for the NFL 2018 season, and we can’t wait to see you inside!

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