5 Fast Ways to Start Winning DFS College Football (CFB) in 2018 on Draftkings

College Football is BACK!!!!! It was taken away from us a few years ago and I could not be happier that it is back…One of my first big tournament wins was with CFB back in 2015 and was so sad to see it go in 2016 (screenshot below). This might be one of the happiest days of my DFS life to see CFB slates posted back in the lobby. I am going to briefly touch on where to find some information and data and where to really dig to find those golden nuggets for CFB.  Join the DFS Army team today and let our team help you crush the competition today!

By the way, I’m @Keg4540 out on Twitter.  Give me a follow and let’s talk CFB and NFL.  No doubt this is the best time of year! Read on to find out how to win DraftKings College Football in 5 fast ways.

DFS College Football in 2018

The one big difference I notice from CFB this year from last is the S-FLEX spot which allows you to play 2 QBs, which is HUGE! We will more than likely look at 2 QBs but I will dig into that later when I dive deep into 3 game slate in another article.  Stay tuned!!

Before we talk specifics, let’s talk research.  Here are my favorite resources for DFS CFB…

1. Massey Ratings – One of the first places I like to go is Massey Ratings.  It is where I tend to look first to get this quick data on teams.  Here is a screenshot of what data we can get off this site with his predicted game score, total, spread, and team standing.  The Duquesne @ Massachusetts game is not on the slate, so please ignore that. It looks like we will want to heavily target the Hawaii / Colorado game.  We will also look at Rice and a bit of Wyoming with that data.

2. College Depth Charts – The second place I like to go is team depth charts, especially for the lesser known players.  I can whittle my player pool down to guys I know are starting, etc (key early on in the season). Below, is the link to the depth charts for every team and Hawaii as an example. It will show us the Offensive Schemes and depth charts at every position as well as team stats from last year.

Our Lads Depth Charts

Overall Team Depth Chart for Hawaii

Hawaii Individual Stat Page

We will go into the players later, but this shows you where you can find important data to help your research. These were season stats for 2017 and should help identify guys that are returning or moving on.

3. CFB Beat Writers – Beat writers are probably more important for your fantasy college football success than they are for the NFL. When it comes to college, there is not as much information readily available and beat writers can help significantly in finding key nuggets that might not be posted anywhere else. Twitter is your friend in DFS, and if you are not following the beat writers, you are behind the power curve…. and you are quite possibly the fish.

4. Team Offense – Every team is different and we are going to want to know if a team is more of a running team or throwing team. You have to make sure the coach is the same as last year, but this next chart shows all CFB teams for 2017 and easily sortable for every offensive category to include passing and/or rushing stats per team. This data should give us a great indication what that teams prefer…running or passing. Let’s look at Hawaii as an example.

Sports Reference
CFB Stats

Hawaii last year ran 70.3 players per game which was 62 out of 130 teams so they were middle of the back. They also attempted 35 passing plays, which was ranked 36th of 130 teams.  Compared to all colleges, they enjoy throwing the ball.  However, they also averaged 35 rushing attempts per game which was 95th of 130. So, you could actually target both the rushing and passing game here, but lean more on the passing attack.

5. College Websites – The last section I like to look at is the school website itself. This allows us to dig a bit deeper into the school and find some articles written by the school paper as well as any other data we might have missed. We might be able to find some golden nuggets in here with some school news.

Hawaii Athletics website

Game week Interview with Hawaii / Colorado State – These can also be gold!

Two Point Conversion!

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