Daily Fantasy Football Player Selection Strategy by Contest Type – DFS Army NFL Training Camp Series

I'm back with the next installment in our "Training Camp" series. So far we've covered how to interpret the Vegas Lines, Bankroll Management, and Player Correlations. In this column, we are going to tie everything together and look at how and when to apply the lessons we've learned as they pertain to the following three contest types - Cash, Hybrid, and GPP.  Before we get into the strategy side of things it's important to define the three contest types we are looking at.
Cash Contests - In DFS the term "Cash Contest" generally refers to contests which pay out a large percentage of the field ,  (I'm adding something to the definition here that you won't see anywhere else .... yet, and do produce an additional reward for an outstanding or well above the mean score.  Double ups and  50/50's are the most common "cash contests" per this definition.

GPP  (Guaranteed Prize Pool) -  For the purposes of this column and going forward in my Vegas Lines columns I'm using the term GPP to define larger contests with very top heavy payouts.  Qualifiers and promotional contests like the Draftkings Millionaire Maker are great examples of GPP's. I generall...

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