See some of the DFS Army’s big wins below!

Congrats to DFS Army Member/Contributor Hunter Sinclair on winning a spot at this years DraftKings King of the Beach Live Final in this week 6 NFL Qualifier! This will be the second year in a row in the live final for Hunter!

In week 5 of the 2017 Fantasy Football Season, DFS Army VIP jhawkfan25 took second place for a cool $150,000 in the FanDuel Sunday Million. He said “I was really busy the last couple of days so I didn’t have time to do much research on my own. I only made 8 lineups and that one was straight from the stacks on the DFS Army website.” Congrats on this great win!

Congrats to DFS Army Member DeeMoney on this 1st place finish for $5,000 on DraftKings in the NFL $50k Red Zone contest! Well done!

Congrats to DFS Army Member mbrucknasty on this big 1st place finish in the NAS $35k Chrome Horn Nascar Contest on DraftKings winning $1k! mbrucknasty used the DFS Army’s Sway Bar VIP article and Domination Station to create this winning lineup!

Congrats to DFS Army Member gereggy on this big 2nd place finish for $5,700 in the $300k Sun NFL Primetime on FanDuel this weekend!

DFS Army Member DHoward34 took down 2nd place for $7,500 missing first by only 0.2 points in the $75k SUN NFL Primetime Contest on FanDuel this weekend! Congrats!

Congrats to DFS Army Member Versacetears on this big $2,000 3rd place finish on FanDuel in MLB Last night. VersaceTears has only been a member for a few days and these results are amazing! He said ” Thanks for all the support guys! Never was able to hit even 200 points in MLB but now I’ve done it 2 nights in a row since joining a few days ago. Thanks for all of the articles and tips!”

Congrats to DFS Army NASCAR Guru Taco on taking down this 1st place win for $1,000 in the NAS $10k Brake Pad (Single Entry) GPP contest this week for the Pocono Race! Nice work Taco!

Congrats to DFS Army Contributor/Writer da6292 on this $4,000 3rd place finish in MLB on DraftKings this week!

Congrats to DFS Army Member mnsprtsfan for taking down 1st place in the $14k Sun MLB Pickoff (Single Entry) on FanDuel today winning $2,000! Great job!

DFS Army Member hall-d/duhrambler took down 1st place for $50,000 in the NAS $350K Firecracker contest on DraftKings for the Daytona Coke Zero 400! He said “Took down my first win tonight using the DFS Army VIP cheat sheet and the Domination Station Optimizer! Thanks to all who talked about strategy for tonights race in the Slack Chat!” Congrats on this huge win!

fantasy sports advice

Congrats to DFS Army Member Wildcatwr on this great 2nd place finish for $10,000 in MLB on DraftKings! He said “This is what happens what happens when the @dfsarmy gives you enough disposable income to throw an entry in a big GPP.” Great job!

fantasy football lineup advice

DFS Army Pro Keith aka Boomersdaddy took down 1st in the $1.5M WFBC Qualifier #41 on FanDuel. He grabbed himself a seat at the FanDuel Live MLB Final in Chicago this year!

fantasy football dfs

Congrats to DFS Army Member RPB1220 on his first big DFS Win. He took down first in the MLB $30k Four-Seamer [20 Entry Max] on the early slate on DraftKings today. His first place win earned him $2,000! He said “Finally after 2 years $6 in $2,147 out. Thank you DFS Army”.

fantasy football

Congrats to DFS Army Member Haster/Myrik on a great end to the NBA season with this $2,000 win! Myrik has killed it all season in NBA!

dfs winning lineups

Congrats to DFS Army Member Blackflash29 on numerous 1st place finishes this past weekend in NASCAR on DraftKings winning over $2,600! He said “I’ve been working hard to be really good with this and with a mixture of my knowledge of 15 years of NASCAR and your articles I am making money every week now.”

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Congrats to DFS Army Member csmoove1 for tying for 1st place this past week in the $150k Sat NBA Shot on FanDuel winning $7,250!

dfs strategy nfl

DFS Army Member kmarciano had a huge night on DraftKings last night taking 1st and winning over $4,800 in the NBA $75k Sharpshooter. He said he used the DFS Army Domination Station optimizer to make his lineups!

dfs sports nba

DFS Army Member levig had a huge night on FanDuel winning over $9,000 in the $250k Wed NBA Shot taking down 5th, 7th, 9th, and more! He said “I used the DFS Army Domination Station optimizer to create the lineups” Nice work levig!

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DFS Army Contributor/Member 73pd2x (da6292 in Slack Chat) took down 1st place in the PGA $200k Birdie on DraftKings winning $10,000! Congrats David!

dfs nba strategy

DFS Army Member punjii took down 1st place in the $15k Wed NBA Block Single Entry GPP on FanDuel winning $1,500 last night! He said “Thanks DFS Army. I used all of the VIP tools including the VIP Projections Spreadsheet, the Domination Station, and Boomer’s Ballers Player Picks Spreadsheet to build this lineup!”

dfs nba tips

DFS Army Member duffeedawg65 had a huge night on FanDuel last night in NBA tying for 1st place! He won $3,000+ in the $200k Thu Clutch Shot Encore. Congrats!

dfs nhl strategy

DFS Army Members Ouija and Footballnaut won $11k each with lineups from the Domination Station last night on FanDuel. Footballnaut said “The Domination Station, DFS Army Projections, Slack chat, and articles broke a slump since NFL conference championship”. Congrats to both of you on a great night!

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DFS Army Member Terps85 finished 28th for $1,000 on Monday Night in the NBA $1M Mega GPP on DraftKings. This didn’t quite get him here on the wall. So he went out Tuesday night and pulled in a 3rd place finish in the NBA $50K Buzzer Beater for $1,500 to seal the deal. He said “I couldn’t have done it without all the input and chat from everyone here in the DFS Army VIP Slack Chat.” Congrats Terps!

DFS Army Member crmccool (Traps on Slack Chat) took down 6th in the NFL $200k Cover Four this weekend in NFL winning $1,750! He said “Thank you for all you do for the site. This is my second year with you and It’s helped with all aspects of my DFS game and it’s made playing a whole lot more fun. You’ve really created something great.” Great win Traps!

DFS Army Member rsharkey had a big weekend taking down 1st place in several GPPs winning over $3,000. He said “Thank you for this football year. I can’t wait for more Domination Station. I love it. This group is the best.” Congrats rsharkey!

Congrats to DFS Army Member steelthelombardi for a couple of big 2nd place finishes in NBA this past week! He took down over $3,000! He said “Thank you for the continued guidance. DFS army rocks.” Nice work!

Congrats to DFS Army Member footballnaut on taking down 1st place on DraftKings this week in the NFL $10k Bubble Screen winning $1,000! He won over $1,400 this weekend! He said “Love this DFS SHIT and FFootballgeek’s tuteladge.”

The Geek takes down 2nd and 5th this past week on DraftKings in the $100k Front Four Primetime Contest! Congrats Geek

Burns273: “I entered the Sunday Night Hammer in 9,000th place in the $2 million fantasy football quarter million tourney with Rodgers, Adams, and Cooks remaining to play. I was only 49 points out of first and 41 points out of 10th so I had a great feeling something great was going to take place. Prior to Cobb’s third TD, I was in 8th place overall in the tourney looking for a TD to Adams or Cooks. If that had taken place it would have been an amazing night possibly finishing in top 5! The third Cobb TD knocked me to 29th overall and that’s how I finished! That lineup also placed me in 99th in the $1 million play action tourney against 392K entrants. This was my 4th big week of the NFL season. I want to thank you for your insight throughout the season! I want to send a big shoutout to DFS Army! Without your insight, DFS Army, my research and analytics of each weeks games this would not be possible. My ROI this NFL season is amazing 3,233% of my beginning bankroll for the season and will keep climbing every day and week! Thank you so much Kevin!” Congrats on a great win and a great season Burns!

Congrats to DFS Army Member linaw314 on taking down 1st and 3rd in the $500k Tue NBA Clutch Shot on FanDuel for a smooth $120,000 this past week. Congrats!

Congrats to DFS Army members kadesdad1 for taking down 6th place for $5,000 in the NBA $450K Four Point Play last night! He said “I couldn’t have done it without the support of the DFS ARMY!!! All the guys sweating it with me was awesome!!”

Congrats to DFS Army member Beazer327 for taking 7th in this FanDuel contest winning $7,000 this week!

DFS Army Member bigefulton (efulton29 in Slack Chat) took down $25,000 and 1st place in the $225k Mon NFL Snap Week 11! He said “With a Lil luck and the DFS Army winning is exciting.” Congrats efulton!

Big Congrats to DFS Army Member adrocksbuckswinit all (Burns273 in SlackChat) for winning $4,000 in the last round of the DraftKings King of the Beach qualifier. He was only 3 points short of making it to the live final!

Congrats to DFS Army Member lamarcgasoldridge on another huge win from November 2016. He took down $50k in NBA on DraftKings

DFS Army Member Hunter Sinclair took down 1st place in the NFL $1M King of the Beach Qualifier Week 7 on DraftKings!

DFS Army Member tdubb31 (traindarealest) took down 1st place in the $30k Thu NFL Safety (Single Entry) on FanDuel!

“First all of all I thank God for blessing me with this win, with his wisdom and guidance I was able to choose the correct selection process. I used the DFS Army Vegas Lines column, injury news (particularly Chi, Ind game) targets/redzone targets, opponents and a few other resources for this process, including our very own DFS Army resources.”

DFS Army Member sjlgoblue took 4th for $1k in the $100k Sunday NFL Squib on FanDuel Week 1!

DFS Army Member Maxipats (Christhib1980 on DK) wins $10k in MLB on DraftKings!

“Literally, I knew I wanted the Blue Jays and Mookie Betts and Big Papi. I used Choppodongs pick in Cmart as a good GPP pitcher and Keiths pitcher since he has been showing up and then filled the blanks with as many Yankees, Nats, Sox,  and Pirates as I could. Pirates because anti-Arrieta” ~ Maxipats

Bryan Martin took 2nd place and a cool $4500 during the NFL playoffs!

“I gotta re-register before the season starts ur the only site I trust”



DFS Army Member Lamarc_gasoldridge took down $12k on Draftkings in Nascar for the New Hampshire 301

As DFS Army Member Lamarc-gasoldridge said “I had me a good week” when he took down $12k + in Nascar for the New Hampshire 301. He was just 3 points shy of several first place finishes! Congratulations Lamarc.

That DFS Army Avatar Looks Good Taking 1st Place in a GPP!

DFS Army member justboofit is a fixture in our slack forums. He also happens to be ones full time professional DFSer. He’s living the dream making a living by playing fantasy sports!

“I love talking strategy. Joining the DFS Army back in October and getting the chance to socialize and strategize with the experts in the group was one of the things that gave me the confidence to go full-time. I make my full time living on Fanduel and Draftkings now. It’s not easy and I spend hours and hours researching every slate but the edge is there if you are willing to work at it. Thanks for creating this group!” -justboofit

Screenshot_2015-12-29-22-29-54 Screenshot_2016-03-11-23-45-35 (1)


DFS Army Team Member Mattanderson024 Takes 1st Place and a Share of the 50K Prize in the Draftkings NBA 4 Point Play!

“Granted I had to split the pot, but after a year playing fantasy, and the end of my first year playing basketball finally. The Army made this possible with the wonderful insight and in depth fantasy sports discussion. I learned here how to put a team together and protect my bankroll and I thank you all very much.” – MattAnderson024

DFS Army Member Gets Tatted up After a Big $4000 Cash

DFS Army Member Brwnz took 38th place in the Draftkings Milly Maker.




It’s safe to say he was pretty freaking excited. When we asked him what he was going to do with the money he mentioned some of the standards, Christmas presents for the kids, something nice for the wife type answer. At the end he mentioned he was going to get some DFS Army ink. I was like yea right I’ll believe it when I see it. Then it happened:

Slack for iOS Upload (1)

This has got to be the most bad ass thing I’ve ever seen! Brwnz blew me away with this photo. This type of loyalty to the group deserves a reward. You get FREE DFS Army membership for life Brwnz!

DFS Army Member Jayblaze39 Won $380,000 Week 9

During the 2015 NFL Season, DFS Army member Jayblaze won life changing money. A single lineup netted $380,000 and a trip to the San Diego Draftkings Fantasy Football Championships! Here’s what Jay had to say:  “I won $380,000 plus a trip to San Diego. I love your (The Geek) advice on the site, and particularly in the chat forums. It has helped me out a lot, for strategy. I am also rocking the DFS Army logo on my screen name!”

DFS Army Member jenkcfoote took 3rd Place in the Fanduel Sunday Million – good for a cool $100K!!

“I’m a school teacher with 2 small children so finding time isn’t always readily available. I learned so much from your articles and  as a member of the DFS Army. I wanted to let you know how you helped me achieve this amazing experience. Monday was the most stressful days of my life. Talk to you soon very soon, Casey”

Big 115k win

DFS Army Member Leon “Leonidax” Ganesh won over $115,000 in a single slate during the 2015 NFL season. Here’s what he had to say “I use your writeup (Vegas Lines) as a base…..then cross reference receivers with pro football focus matchup chart. Max only 2-3 chalk for gpp and low % to fill out roster. If you like player and pff agrees I’m all in..key is to keep chalk at minimum. I’m very contrarian and never played a single cash game. I manage my bankroll with gpp only (sounds crazy). I put a lot of research and time so just happy it worked out.