Do you want to learn the techniques I used to earn over $150,000 playing Daily Fantasy Football the past few seasons? Would it be cool to get advice and player picks from seasoned DFS Pros? What about a private forum where you can bounce ideas off other players of a similar mindset? Are you interested in joining a community of hardcore DFS players all working together to help one another succeed at Daily Fantasy Sports? My name is Kevin E AKA The Fantasy Football Geek. Many of you know me from my weekly “The Geek’s Vegas Lines” columns. I’ve been a top 100 ranked NFL player on Rotogrinders for the past three seasons as well. You can check my current profile and rankings here.  I originally launched my DFS blog in 2011. The early days of DFS. I pioneered the 80/20 Cash to GPP strategy that everyone talks about today. Back in 2015 I started the DFS Army Team as a way to help amateur or hobby level DFS players succeed in the shark infested waters of daily fantasy sports by sharing my advice and research on both the general strategy of DFS as well as player picks and advice specific to each week’s slate of games. After a wildly successful inaugural season of the DFS Army which included 3 VIP member wins of over $100,000 including one that took down $380,000 with a single lineup (more on that below) I knew we were on to something special.

What Makes Us Different

The concept of Pros helping Joes succeed at daily fantasy sports was a success and is what sets the DFS Army apart from all the other DFS sites that pop up each day. Since we launched the DFS Army team concept there have been many many copycats sites. They look similar and tout “slack forums”. The difference is credibility. I share my DFS record and grinders profile above so you know you are getting advice from someone that knows what they are doing. You can check out our Wall of Wins which constantly updates with shots and stories from our VIP members taking down 4-5 and 6 figure prizes in the various sports we cover. Our DFS Army team includes Pros with degrees in mathematics and statistics and long histories of success in DFS. We are always looking for the edge for ourselves and our VIP members. We have coaches that have attended live DFS Finals and competed in DFS Championships in their respective sports.

Our focus on mathematics and statistics is another factor that sets the DFS Army team apart from the crowd. Most sites use basic linear projections. We use simulation-based projections that provide a range of outcomes and possibilities. We measure the likelihood of players going 3x 4x 5x 6x or 7x value rather than just kicking out a simple number. Everything we do has a basis in the Vegas lines and odds. We do everything in our power to provide ourselves and our VIP members the best tools for success. We feel that between our spreadsheets, cheat sheets, Domination Station Optimizer, and direct access to DFS Pros, and coverage of every DFS sport, there is no site as complete as ours. Our $20 per month dues are well below sites with comparable tools because we want to remain accessible to casual players as well as hardcore pros.


With our DFS ARMY VIP MEMBERSHIP here is what you will get:

Access our Domination Station Optimizer with the best projections in the business:

Generate up to 150 lineups at the click of a button. You control projections, exposure percentages, stacking options, and diversification settings. With support for NFL, NBA, PGA and NASCAR there is no better DFS tool on the market today! The Domination Station is just one component of our VIP membership plan:

The Domination Station is just one component of our VIP membership plan. Our goal is to be the most complete DFS team in the industry. Most other sites either give you optimization tools or projections and spreadsheets. We don’t just do both we are the best at both!


  • Premium Members get access to our Domination Station Multi-Entry Optimization Tools
  • Our custom DFS Army spreadsheets with all the relevant data in one easy to read chart
  • Custom DFS Army Projections
  • Geek’s Picks – Get a complete breakdown of all the players the Geek is using in his lineups that week broken down by Cash, Tournament or Both. Complete with notes, potential stacks and players to avoid.
  • Geek’s VIP Podcast – A VIP only podcast that covers strategies for that specific week’s games.
  • DFS Army VIP Slack – We go in depth in our slack forums with specific strategies. VIP members can discuss lineup stratigies with eachother and directly with the Geek and our other DFS Pros.


  • Our best in the business simulation based projections. Most sites are using basic linear statistics to come up with a simple projection. We take our NBA projections to the next level. Using our proprietary aDvP measure we run thousands of simulations to come up with a range of possible results. This gives us accurate floor and ceiling projections as well as a fantastic baseline projection. We use standard deviation measures for minutes projected, PPM, DvP, Total score. It’s great stuff. Check out this basic how-to video on our projections sheet – NBA SPREADSHEET TUTORIAL
  • Our Domination Station Optimization tool where you can generate from 1 up to 150 lineups at the push of a button.
  • Boomers Ballers Player Picks – Resident NBA Pro Keith “Boomers Daddy” Hall shares his player picks for the day’s slate broken down by contest type with notes.
  • Our NBA slack channel is incredibly active. One of the challenges in NBA DFS is how late in the day inactives often hit. We are all over it in our slack forums calling out inactive players and ideal pivots.


  • Get our complete statistical spreadsheet with a focus on Vegas Odds, Recent Form and Course History. Here is a primer on using our PGA Spreadsheet
  • Custom Projections weighted for Vegas Odds, Recent Form, Course History and relevant statistics.
  • Access our Domination Station Optimizer to generate up to 150 lineups at the push of a button
  • Chat directly with other VIP’s and our resident PGA DFS Pro, Taco, in our VIP slack forums.


  • Our NASCAR coverage starts with out complete VIP Spreadsheets. We compile driver ratings for the different track types. Combine those with practice times and vegas odds to get the ultimate visual guide to selecting drivers.
  • We use simulation based methodologies to compile complete NASCAR DFS projections.
  • Our Domination Station Optimization is conveinently loaded up with our custom projections. Our VIP members can attack GPP’s by creating up to 150 lineups at the click of a button. The Domination Station is completely customizable allowing users to set exposure limits and modify projections to their liking.

Other Sports:

We cover just about every DFS Sport here in the DFS Army. NHL, EPL, MMA, and even eSports all have channels led by pros within our VIP forums. Whatever you’re in to we’ve got you covered!



All of our new members get links to download two 200+ page eBooks on Daily Fantasy Football strategy. These books cover everything from basic bankroll management techniques to more advanced lineup construction methodologies. In addition you will get our nine-part series on beginner to intermediate Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategies – The Hard Nine.


The DFS Army Team is all about bringing in players that want to learn and improve their DFS skills. Part of the reason your membership comes with DFS Strategy eBooks is because we want you to actually read them and get better. We do not sell lineups here. If you want to get ripped off by some loser selling lineups you are probably not a good fit for our group.

Not Convinced Yet?

Check out some of these big DFS Army Member cashes:


NFL brwnz $4k win NFL m0nty01 $1k win NHL Spoweezy5kWin

Leonidax – took down 3rd and 5th place in the Fanduel Sunday Million – Good for a cool $130,000!!!










Jenkcfoote cashed for $100,000 in the Fanduel Sunday Million as well!


The biggest DFS Army winner to date is Jayblaze39 – He pulled in over $380,000 with a single lineup entered in a number of contests. That lineup also got him in to the Draftkings Live Fantasy Football Championships!



There are no guarantees in Daily Fantasy Sports and if you go into this expecting to turn a $5 bet into $7500 or a million you will most likely be sorely disappointed. If you approach this as a way to have fun watching the sports that you love and enjoying the thrill and possibility of a big cash and sharing that with a community of hardcore DFS’ers that help each other out and sweat out big cashes together then read on!


How To Become a VIP Member?

Sign up via the membership form below. If you want a free month of access you can get by registering for a new depositing account with one of the DFS sites we work with via the links below


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Fantasy Draft – Register for a New Fantasy Draft Account via this link – You get one FREE month of DFS Army VIP Membership, Our two Daily Fantasy Football Strategy eBooks,  plus up to a $600 initial deposit match. 

Fanduel – Register For Fanduel Via This Link – You get a FREE month of DFS Army VIP membership and our two DFS Strategy eBooks,
Draftkings – Refister via this Link – You get a FREE ticket to the Millionaire Maker a FREE month of DFS Army VIP membership and our two DFS Strategy eBooks
Boom Fantasy – Register for Boom Fantasy and get a FREE month of DFS Army VIP membership and our two DFS Strategy eBooks. Boom Fantasy will also match your deposit ($20 Minimum) and give you an additional $10 voucher you can use immediately.
 I’ve registered a new account with an initial deposit VIA THE ABOVE LINKS – now what?
Once you’ve registered a new account for one of the three DFS sites above and made your initial deposit you muse email us at ffootballgeek@gmail.com and let me know the following:
  1. The site you registered for and your screen name for that site


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