Relating DFS Strategy to NBA Sports Betting Draftkings and Fanduel – March 14th

Hello Everyone!  I am a content provider and contributor for NBA and MLB DFS.  I am also the lead content provider for our Sports Betting Service called Beat the Bookie alongside Anthony P and FightOn.  These articles are going to be focused on Sports Betting Advice.

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Why would I want to have two different Sport Book Accounts?

I highly recommend you always have at least 2-3 Sports Book accounts.  As of now, most people use these types of Off Shore accounts.  We recommend these two because we know they honor their withdrawals.  Also, It’s smart to always compare lines to different accounts so you can get the best line available.  A book may differ by a point or two from another book so you always want to get the best value!

About the Coaches

Loosmeister – I have been betting on sports for over 13 years now.  Out of those 13 years – I have had only 2 years where I did not profit.  My expertise is NFL/NBA/MLB.  I use a variety of sources to come up with my picks.  A lot of it is data driven but I also incorporate hours of watching film and reviewing the games to identify certain edges numbers may not identify.  My picks will not be purely model-based.  Consider me more of your “GPP” Coach.

Anthony P – Meet Anthony – He runs our NHL/NBA/MLB Sports Betting Models.  Anthony uses a very data-driven approach and is extremely consistent.  Anthony would be considered your CASH Coach for Betting.  Most of his plays will come off of his models.

FightOn – Meet Ryan – He runs our NFL/NCAAB/NCAAF/WNBA Models.  Ryan uses a very data-driven approach as well and like Anthony prides himself on being consistent.  FightOn would be more of your Cash Game type player but also gives out a few parlays from time to time.  Most of his plays will come off of his Models.

March Madness is coming soon!  We will have everything ready for it!  We absolutely destroyed it last year using our models.  I was in the 100% percentile until I chose Michigan over Villanova at the end, which was against the model.  We will be running contests for the Tournament as well.  Get involved!

Last Night’s Main Play.  Utah to Cover.

This just in!  This just happened this morning.  The Madness is starting with tournament play.  If you are getting frustrated at all with DFS – Join Up and Get Involved in Sports Betting!!!

Loosmeister’s NBA Free Play

Los Angeles Lakers at Toronto Raptors (-9)

Sharp Money Alert: Sharps are all over the Lakers pushing the line from +9.5 to +9.  Also – Our betting model believes the Lakers to only be +7.  That is a full 2 points.  Also – The Raptors have 2 starters with injury designations.  Kyle Lowry and Danny Green are both nursing injuries and might sit tonight.  Before they are announced out, we want to take advantage of this spread of +9 and get positive value from it.  If you guys are strictly DFS players – Keep in mind that Sports Betting CAN help you in DFS.  We don’t believe this game will blow out here at Beat the Bookie so I love this game as a stackable game via DFS.

BET: Lakers +9 for 1 unit

March Madness is in full swing!  Make sure to DM FIGHTON if you want to get into our bracket contest!!!