DFS Madness’s Game Break for Fanduel and Draftkings NBA Advice – February 10th, 2019

Hello DFS Army! My name is Michael, otherwise known as DFS Madness on Twitter (@MadnessDFS), I am one of the new writers/contributors that the Army has brought on to join the team! I’ll be writing a Core 4 article a few times per week and then full slate breakdowns on the weekends. A quick little background about me, I am an Economics student at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse (yeah it’s cold here) with graduation coming this May. I’ve been playing DFS for about 4-5 years now and providing content for about 2-3 of those years.

Yesterday’s Core Results:

  • Steven Adams – 24.25 dkp; 4x – Steven Adams just played awful last night, it wasn’t for a lack of minutes either. He played 38 minutes, he just wasn’t able to take advantage of the Rockets weak front court for some reason.
  • Bobby Portis – 35.5 dkp; 6.6x – Bobby and Jabari were very vengeful in their return to Chicago, Portis did exactly what I expected him to do.
  • Khris Middleton – 35 dkp; 5.7x – I was expecting a bit more out of Middleton with Giannis off the floor, but we will take 35 all day long.
  • Dennis Smith Jr. – 33 dkp; 5.6x –  We will see how long it takes draftkings to finally give this man a price bump, but until he get’s one he’ll be in my lineups.

We’ve got a short little three game slate on deck today, so let’s get at it!

NBA DFS Game Break:

Phoenix Suns @ Sacramento Kings:

Vegas Total: 231

Vegas Spread: Sac -9.5

CeeGee’s “1st Look” article has this has a pace up spot for the Suns and a defense we want to attack for the Suns as well, so we should be able to find some decent plays in this game. Starting with the Suns, anytime Devin Booker is under $9k I’ll have interest, especially in a pace up spot against a bad defense so feel free to use him. My favorite play over the past week or so from the Suns has been Mikal Bridges who is playing an outrageous number of minutes. He’s played at least 35 minutes in his last 7 games and has really been pretty consistent in his fantasy production, if you need a solid value play I like him here. Tyler Johnson made his debut with the Suns and only scored 11 draftkings points, to be honest I just don’t think this guy is good at basketball, if you want to play him in gpp go ahead, but I probably won’t have him in cash games. Finally, Kelly Oubre and DeAndre Ayton make for fine plays as last guy in your lineup plugins, but not priorities on this slate. From the Kings, if we go to the Domination Station, we will see that Bogdan Bogdanovic is projected to 6x his price tag, meaning he is simply too cheap in a plus matchup. Outside of him, I really don’t have a problem with any of the starting five for the Kings, this is such a good matchup I can see them all producing. My favorite plays from the Kings in order from best to still good (awful scale I know) would be Bogdanovic, Willy Cauley-Stein, De’Aaron Fox, and Harrison Barnes.

Orlando Magic @ Atlanta Hawks:

Vegas Total: 224

Vegas Spread: Orl -2.5

This is a massive pace up spot for the Magic and my favorite game to stack on today’s slate. Starting with the Magic, Nikola Vucevic has been very kind to me this year and always seems to produce whenever I play him. The Hawks rank 22nd against opposing centers which puts Vucevic in a very nice spot today. Eric Fournier also seems too cheap at just $5,000 in an up paced matchup I like him here as well. Aaron Gordon is the type of player to thrive in up pace games where he can let his athleticism to the work, so at $6,700 he is certainly in play against the weak Hawks defense. The Hawks don’t exactly draw a stingy defense either so we can attack Trae Young and John Collins here confidently. Those are the only two players I play with consistency from the Hawks due to their deep rotations.

Miami Heat @ Golden State Warriors:

Vegas Total: 222

Vegas Spread: GS -14

The Miami Heat are a frustrating team from DFS standards because of their deep rotation, they solved this a little by getting rid of Tyler Johnson and Wayne Ellington, but their front court is still a mess. I don’t love this game, but on a three game slate we can’t cross any games out. From the Heat, Dion Waiters instantly becomes my favorite play and one of the best plays on the slate if Dwyane Wade ends up missing this game. Waiters is blowout proof any isn’t afraid to take shots if this game does get out of hand. The rest of the heat I don’t necessarily love but Hassan Whiteside, Josh Richardson and Justice Winslow are all fine plays. The Warriors are like shooting darts nowadays, one of them is going to have a good night but picking which one is the hard part. I would tend to rule DeMarcus Cousins out because he doesn’t have much upside until his 25 minute restriction is limited after the all star break. Steph Curry draws a tough matchup, so that leaves us with Kevin Durant. The Heat rank 17th against opposing SF’s on the season, at $9,100 I have no issue with Durant here.

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