NFL Preseason DFS Research Breakdown


Only DFS degenerates play NFL Preseason DFS, right? Probably…but there is reason for you to join them this year. When people were scoffing at the idea of playing WNBA DFS “if there’s money to be made, you know we’re playing” and the NFL Preseason will be no different. So if you are reading this, you already have an edge over most DFS players

One reason, you’ll get a chance to re-familiarize yourself with the NFL DFS game. Also, it’s a fun and great way to build a bankroll cushion. On Draftkings the last 2 NFL Preseasons, I played $41.25 of entry fees and won $306.00, which gave me a great bankroll for the NFL season.

August 2nd will be here soon, so here’s some areas to focus on when doing NFL Preseason research:

Antonio Brown

1. Twitter

Get on Twitter. Follow the NFL beat reporters. The beat reporters will be also be helpful during the regular season. They can also provide some last-minute news, expected reps, QB playing time and much more unique information about the teams.  Twitter will help you determine the CHALK of the slates, which can help you decide to play or fade a player.

2. Opportunity

Find the QBs, RBs and WRs that will be getting the most snaps. For example, in 2016 the Dallas Cowboys had Tony Romo and drafted Dak Prescott. Expecting, Romo to start, the Cowboys let Prescott play most of the preseason. As result, he was a Preseason DFS money maker and was a very popular DFS player by Week 1.

Each season, players are trying to make teams and coaches are trying to make a team.  Opportunity is key to DFS scoring. The more snaps means the most chances to score points.  It can also equal playing time come WEEK 1.  Last year players like Alvin Kamara, Dede Westbrook and Kenny Golladay had breakout preseason which led to playing major roles in the regular season.

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3. Starters playing time

Typically, NFL Preseason games go like this for the starters:

Game 1, they play 1-2 series.

Game 2, they play 1-2 quarters;

Game 3(“Dress Rehearsal”), they play a half to 1 series of the 3rd quarter;

Game 4, they usually don’t play.

You will be amazed how many folks play inactive players each slate.  A little research will make for a huge advantage.

4. Depth Charts

Did a team draft a Rookie RB? Is there a veteran fighting for his job? Keep an eye on depth charts can be to your advantage and finding the players that are in positions battles can also be useful. Last season, Seattle used Alex Collins and Chris Carson a ton last preseason.  Alex Collins lost that battle, but later became the starter in Baltimore.

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